Root word “proseuchomai” pronounced as pros-yoo-khomahee

It is made up of two words :

Pros:- meaning torwards/exchange also in other context= supplication/worship that is done earnestly.

Euxomai:- pray/wish



To exchange/interact with the lord and this is usually closely associated/ related to “pitis” (Faith)


How would you define Prayer?

What are some of the challenges you have encountered in prayer? Why?

How is your prayer life?


Study Scriptures:

  • Mathew 6:5-14
  • John 15:7-8
  • Mark 11:24
  • 1 Corinthians 14:2-4, 16-18 and 39


Your words are your prayers, whatever you utter as a spirit man is of effect!

Prayer is preventive / pro not a response/ reaction.

There is no better way to pray other than to pray.




#The Secret place!


Mathew 6:5-14

You need a secret place…(You need to learn this secret of the secret place)…It creates the atmosphere for intimacy.

If you want people to see you then they will.

Colossians 4:2

Prayer is not a onetime thing, it is a continual lifestyle and attitude behind prayer is thanksgiving.

Prayer unlocks doors.

Luke 5:16

There is an element of personal separation. Don’t just pray in the circumstance…pray outside the circumstance. Let them find you prayed up.

Mark 1:35

One of the best prayer strategy….Commanding your mornings…It is your power place.


Have-Faith-In-GOD-HD-Wallpaper#Pray Believing [Faith]

Mark 11:24

Prayer cannot be without faith. You cannot pray without faith. YOU MUST BELIEVE!

Communicate your desires by faith in prayer not gossip or worry.

The prayer of the righteous man availeth much.

Unload when you get into the place of prayer.

Don’t PUSH instead SWYP-(Something Happened When You Prayed)

Luke 18:1-8

Don’t compare God to the unjust Judge vs 2 Vs 5-8 verse by verse

It is not about crying day and night. It ‘s Faith that He is seeking out….Pray without giving up Vs 1-Giving up communicates doubt.



#Abide in God/His Word.abide

John 15:7-8

Abiding is active not passive.

To abide is to be in (the class)…Be in God first

Pray the word….It is the sure testimony that guarantees results.

NB: More than even praying in tongues pray the word.

1 John 5:14-15

Be confident in the place of prayer…This is your father. You have access, he will listen to you.

“If we approached our parents the way religion conditions us to approach God, they would be accused of child abuse!”

Joshua 1:8

Let your prayer life be informed by the word. It should never leave your mouth. When you communicate the word of God in prayer you will make your way prosperous.

Luke 6:45

What you store up in your spirit is what you will communicate.

In order to pray effectively you need a treasure some hidden well of truth from which you draw out and overflow


images#Pray in the Spirit

Jude 1:20-21

You build yourself up in Faith.

Romans 8:26-27

It enriches your prayer life and aligns you to the will of God in prayer.

He makes your prayer make sense (work with Him)

Ephesians 6:18

You cover all the saints

All your supplication ought to be made in the spirit because that realm commands this one.

1 Corinthians 14:2-4

It is for you and God not for men to see, a direct line of relationship to the father.

Vs 14- It gets you to a deeper place….Praying beyond your understanding.