They say am all loving all kind all smiles all those NYC things….hihihi blowing my own trumpet right yeah
Well well well I met this one kind of love at pearl haven 22 years ago that overwhelms and overflows that I just can’t hold back
You noe love cannot abide where God is not …..there is God in pearl haven that I will always use every single opportunity I get to experience
I am confident dat I belong to a family a beautiful family at dat..
@Pearl Haven Christian Centre
Waiting for yours….





They say facts regarding what’s been; history, are only true depending on who is narrating. But yet this story is one that well proven and one well attested too…coz the pearl haven family is just that amazing.

Joined at a very tender age over 20 years back…the pioneering Sunday school we were. You see FOUNDATION is a fundamental concept of life be it in the physical or spiritual aspects of life. For whatever foundation a man lays determines the structure he aspires to erect. And ao there we were…with the #gem her self like somebody already referred : Teacher Beatrice . Embroidering the very basics of salvation on our tender hearts minds and spirits…a very clean canvas we were …for you to paint as you wished…thanx for being a great steward of our mind …for what you painted is what has kept us …..
I cant count the number of times I’ve strayed off …yet then that Sunday school rhyme plays in my mind..” Thy word have I need in my heart that I may not sin against thee..that I may not sin that I may nit sin thy word have I heed in my heart”
Then do I find my way back…coz what was planted in me as a kid…is printed on my spirit I cant depart from it.

And the people….doesn’t matter how long your gone…you can always know you got a family back home the next time you turn up. One that’s gonna counsel you in truth and love you as much. A pastor that’s been gifted with integrity truthfulness and love. I mean any day any tym I’d stand and say that’s my pastor and everybody would approve coz he is one tangible testimony.

And pastor Sarah….wow. Funny when everybody else proclaims how tough she is…I’ve never felt as confident and loved talking to anybody at church I do with her. She’s a mother beyond all that will go a mile with you untill shez certain your at your best.




My heart grows fonder each time I think that am miles away from my home, my church, my family! A place that molded me and made me the person that I am today!!. they ask ” who is your pastor?, where do you pray from? , it’s very evident that your spiritual mentors are one of a kind!?…..”I look at them and smile briskly and deep within myself I want to scream ” pastor Wilberforce Okumu and Sara okumu!!!! But I proudly tell them that I belong to the most beautiful church that life can offer!! A church that loves, mentors, reaches out, teaches selflessness as it is, a church that teaches the true meaning of worship and reverence to God.!!! When you are “pearl Haven ” you are Gold!!! I have searched all around and I have never found everything that pearl haven is!!
Iam the worshiper that Iam today because my then mentor Olivia Ekayu pushed me to join the choir , introduced me to pastor Wilberforce okumu who was the greatest teacher I’ve known, he taught me how to worship, he said worship is not about singing just a song, but ministering to the people and to God!!! He taught me how important it was to dwell in the secret place!!!! Hmmmmmm…….. I could go on and on…… I LOVE PHCC!!!!!!! Doreen tetui

“Doreen, Doreen!! ” yelled my mother! “Ceazer Ojatum is hear!” go dress up and go to church for choir practice!!!


My home church across the ocean! I can’t even begin to explain how much this church family has changed my life for the better. From my first year in 2013, when i was closed off, barley spoke and got home sick the first week, to these years where i will find any thing as a reason to make my way back, and then brainstorm how to get out of my flights from UG back to USA so i can stay just a few more months. You guys have me attatched! This is solely where my love and passion for missions was discovered. It’s the first place that taught me, by example, what it was like to serve others so selflessly. It’s a place where i can never walk in and walk out without being challenged by a sermon or by one of my own friends. The vision is carried out everyday, the love for the gospel is evident, and the teachings are straight from scripture. I have been molded, shaped, pushed out of my comfort zone and grown further into who God called me, and created me to be, because of the experiences and people here. Seriously, I have even tried to dance! Oooh man.. These people are amazing, ready to love others, always ready to do what’s needed, and never losing the smile on their faces. From the services i have attended, to different years and grounds in the mission field together, bringing in a New Year, & camp David, (God willing Youth Ablaze 2018!!!) I have been able to meet so many people who have brought soooo much good into my life. Friendships i have made, i know will last me a lifetime. I feel blessed and favored that God allowed my family, to cross with yours, Pearl Haven. I don’t know what my life would look like if it hadn’t happened. I am proud to be part of the Pearl Haven Christian Center family!! I can’t wait to come back home. All of my love sent from Texas. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¬


Growing up in Pearl Haven is a blessing. You do not grow alone. There’s all levels of family around you. Friends that become family and strangers that become friends.
You start doing things together, go through experiences together, accomplish goals together. I do not believe that you can be yourself at Pearl Haven and miss having friends, many friends. People who are willing to walk through life with you are in this place. This is indeed a haven. A home of love. A place of rest. A refreshing brook.
It’s equally a place of fun. I remember when we were still in our papyrus reed structure, we’d run to the stream down further than flowed across the land and play. I actually thought it was called River Living Water and that our ministry was named after it.
My fondest memories are with my Sunday schoolmates and ministry partners. From the songs we sang to the skits we acted in church. From the places we went to generally hanging out with one another. From starting dance groups in church to ministering in conferences. From playing sports to shooting music videos. From singing in our choirs to running youth activities. From ministering in schools and other platforms to taking charge of the church events.
Many memories go unmentioned, there’s a word limit here, but I am glad you were part of my life.
We are now in different places, doing various things, managing respective responsibilities. I wanna say I love you. You’re part of my life. You made me. And I’d choose you all over again.
Pearl Haven Christian Centre is my family. You are my family. In my heart you’ll always be.


They say facts regarding what’s been; history, are only true depending on who is narrating. But yet this story is one that well proven and one well attested too…coz the pearl haven family is just that amazing.

Joined at a very tender age over 20 years back…the pioneering Sunday#MyPearlHavenstory
Well, it was in the year 2003 when we relocated to Mbale as a family and my mum Jennifer Akurut and dad Ezra Wandukwa looked everywhere for a church that had a Sunday school suitable enough for their children πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ
(AbigaiJethro Wandukwererer) by then. After a long search they finally landed at Pearl Haven. Well to cut the story short I’ve been in Pearl Haven for 14years now and still counting. All this while I’ve learnt a lot right from my Sunday school at Erisa. My gratitude goes out to my Sunday school teachers, Tr.Beatrice, Tr. John and Christine, Tr.Peter among others 4 shaping me to wt I am today.
One of the most memorable moments will forever be the Easter Convention where Pearl Haven hosted the late Angela Chibalonza and also Robin Blue. That was the first time I felt those bu goose bumps but had no idea of what it was. It was not until a particular Thursday prayer night at Camp David in 2012 when i had a personal encounter with the Holy Spirit. Well in the past few times we’d be prayed for, get slain and yeah it was fun by then feeling so light and off to the ground 😝😝. That Thursday was one of a kind that words can’t express and for the first time in life, I was able to know what the great ones meant whenever they said “launch deeper”.


hmmm, In 1999,i started following my big sister Juliet a.k.a Gibbs, to a papyrus structure with shrubs and bushes for neighbors.At that time,it was commonly referred to as Living Waters.I came along for the sake of pleasing my sister but i was literary a ”religious observer”.So… i would attend one service at Pearl Haven and then,in the company of my Rosary(sapuli),i would quickly move to ”my church”, like you’ve always heard them during evangelism!
Since it was a makeshift structure, i think the valuable church property i.e the sound system and the curtains were kept at pastor’s house because i would see stuff arriving on boda bodas with pastor’s family. Shangi and Theo would fix machines while, Pr.Sarah and some ladies would fix the multi color curtains…..🀣🀣
For all this time, I would sympathize with this bunch of human beings. Compared to ”my” catholic church, there was nothing pompous to attract me to this ”social group” BUT One amazing thing about Pearl Haven is that it Hosts the very presence of God,this can’t be contested because each time i resisted alter calls,a voice would tell me ”you are on your own and if Christ came now,you would be left behind”.That’s why i keep telling people that after this life,nobody will stand before God and claim they were ignorant of His conviction to make the right decision(s).

Its said we don’t choose the family we belong to nor do we choose who our parents should be but its all God’s devin plan that we belong where only he has predestined us to…..
With a vivid memory of particular days and month, I clearly remember the year, 1993 it was. When like any kid from a humble family staying in noisy, children filled neighborhood in Indian quarters” to be specific the now mama nalongo hostel” we had this one woman auntie Betty who was then born again and fellowshipped in miracle center in mbale who led us into salvation n helped us through bible studies n all those biblical things n I loved our evening with her.
Iaaaa trying to recollect my memory….. After some time my mom also gets born again either after a door to door mission or a crusade that happened just across the road from home in the Mbale S.S grounds. But I remember Bishop Andrew Mutengu in the picture and one time mom taking us to her church in industrial Area in someone’s home but being a child then, I didn’t really enjoy church as much as I enjoyed auntie Betty’s bible study evenings with us.
So after a long time I find my self in this very interesting Sunday school in Namatala Primary School, which was my school then and having my favourite school teacher as my Sunday school teacher ” teacher Beatrice” Am sure you don’t understand how sweet that felt for me. Time going on we start getting engaged in all Sunday school activities like dancing and acting OMG this was the best time of my life (being king Herod was my thing) trained by sister Nakiwala Stella and …in Christmas dramas and Dance. No wonder we were fit because after our Sunday school classes we always had to walk down to church which was behind bugwere road market to join our parents.
#Season1Episode1 #IamPearlHaven
Lookout for Episode2



I joined PearlHaven in 2002 after I had been transferred from my workplace in Kampala to mbale,It was my first time in Eastern Uganda,I did not know what to expect by then,Thank goodness I met my friend Jeff Mwesige (My best man)who connected me to two sisters (Rita Gibu Nabuduwa AND JULIET GIBBS ) who were fellowshiping with Living water church,I was invited to attend service and the preaching was not bad,I was told that the senior pastor was not in the country so I was comforted by a fine nice looking Jackson Baraza who then latter welcomed me to the ministry I joined the Youthministry,New believers class that latter become Foundation class,and in one way or another I will forever be greatful to God almighty for at this place My family life begins when I met Esther Tushabe Amoshi to go and we started a family To me Pearl Haven is more than just a church but a family.


Wow…..it was 2012 when I came to Mbale to work,I had a lot of worries and fears….. Will I find a church where I will feel at home? Ah I first went to DC for almost a year ,I kept on moving to different churches looking for a church where I could identify myself with or belong to….I literally stayed in my room or move to Kampala on weekends,one Saturday evening in The year 2013 I decided to phone a friend of mine who connected me to Mbale asking him if there was a church I could go to …I mentioned to him all churches have been to.mmmmh! he directed me to a church called Pearl Haven….I couldn’t wait for Sunday to arrive…..early in the morning I asked a bodaboda to take me to PHCC…..
When I arrived the church I felt a very good atmosphere I can’t even explain……I got surprised to see Elder George leading the service.I knew him as a colleague at work ….after service we were asked to be talked to in visitors room I loved the hospitality .on Monday I had to approach Elder George at school and asked him several questions one was “how could he let me suffer looking for a church n yet he belonged to such an amazing church” he promised to introduce me to pastor on Wednesday……I remember the first time I talked with Pastor Wilberforce Okumu and pastor Sarah I knew that’s home !?
I immediately enroll on foundation class n Pastor David Wamimbi kept on following me up introduce me to missions department where I always longed to be.
Pearl Haven has made me a strong and bold woman I was very shy………I thank God for pastor Sarah she’s a mother.
I had never experience love but Pearl Haven showed me love….
I’m forever grateful for Pearl Haven. CHEMAYEK LILIAN


It was that one day when my feet were directed into this place where souls are revived indeed it’s an Haven where love is ministered to. Her music, sweet voices that sounds and cause distinction in lives, her word that is preached therein restored me I have now the hope of glory. Her people are loving they have fathered mothered and cared for me my hope of glory is realised in this place ooh how I love this place the very word that proceeds from the mouth of our Father Pr Wilberforce has built me up and keeps building me and all her ministers are a blessing hallelujah my hopes for the future where lost but now revived the platform given to me also now that I can demonstrate this same love I was shown great this can be spoken to this place not until you’re therein you cannot experience what’s there. Love You Family.



It is true and very true that seasons indeed come and seasons go.
The year was 2003 when i opted to give it a try at Pearl Haven and got super clued, i didn’t even think of going back to the church where i confessed christ from bse of the Pearl pull and touch.
When i think about Pearl Haven, all i can say is Ebenezer. This became my comfort home.. I found new hope and a new life birthed in the inside of me. I had given up about life as a result of what i call the DARK DAYS OF MY LIFE when i was in what i called THE STRUGGLE AND FIGHT FOR MY LIFE.. Hmmm.. Memories memories.. Lord of hosts.. My might warrior you are great indeed.. You wiped the tears and gave me a new beginning, a family that embraced me.
I sat in that congregation not knowing what the lord had in store for me, all i knew and did was dance.
One day in, if not mistaken 2008 a gentleman by the names of Isaac Hiire approaches and brings me closer to the choir. Mayi Grace embraced me like her own son yet i didnt evn kno how to sing hehehe but they encouraged me with my horrible voice then. Robert mukiibi taught me and always told me to be keen on differenting voices which was like magic hmm.. So as time went on and on, i slowly started drifting into the Technical team were ps Patrick Kolyanga held my hand and told me you can do this until i got to some level..
Ps Sarah Okumu.. I cant thank you enough bse you didnt just play a mother figure in me but trusted me with a registration department and told me how to be principled and have things in order and Ps Okumu. Wilberforce.. May God exalt you for me.. Thankyou for the opportunity to serve.
A model church indeed bse today i serve the lord knowing i must portray Pearl Haven spirit and character of humility.. I have become a responsible person who is modelled to be a model as i represent Pearl Haven Christian Centre.. The desired haven. Rita Gibu Nabuduwa thanks for the bible class teaching.. David Wamimbi headmaster.. Ps Eunice Muyama and the holy spirit teaching.. I love you people so much.. Thankyou
I appreciate cherish and treasure evrything about PHCC not forgetting Ps Patrick Angura and wife, Ps Emma and Esther Tushabe, Ochan Favour big bro, and many more, thankyou so much for evrything and being part of my Pearl haven story .
Part 1


Well…well…well…in 2002 came to a town known as Mbale, and joined a school known as Joyce Primary School.I found a guy in my class known as Owere Billypaul who had a sister in the same school known as Mitch A Maurine.Having studied from the same school there’s that connection that comes…More so in Secondary school at Nabumali High School,still got connected to many people from the same church..Esther,Wamzo and many others…time came when we shifted to Maluku and pearlhaven became so near.Having a number of friends around,it become so easy for me to fit in so fast…Apart from that I had always felt that there was something in me missing ,I yearned for more of God and Pearl Haven was just best place to fill in every missing element.Pr Sarah Okumu ,Pr Wilberforce OKumu you are not just pastors but #Angels sent from heaven .you loved me like I was your own daughter,you believed in me,saw the greatness in me even when I couldn’t see it myself,taught me to be strong and courageous… I fell in love with everything concerning Pearl Haven. Oyesters…I call it an army which is not for ordinary people..haha…its for those who are ready to serve sacrificially…This has made me stand out wherever am serving…Youth Ablaze,Camp David and all amazing activities that I always feel bad when I miss..amazing people who make you want just stay there for the rest of yourlife.Mayi,Rita,Peter,Julie,Tino,Shan,My mamas,youthchoir,kconect,Edu,billy,mitch,collins,chris,the homeboys and etc. thanks for being part of my story. #PearlHavenAfamilyThatWillAlwaysRemainAtHeart. Iam what I’ve become today because I was trained and founded from PEARL HAVEN CHRISTIAN CENTER,my home
#Thisispartofmymanystories. KAHINDO GRACE


It was in 2006 when ma owesome Dad was transfered from kampala to Mbale, this change of environment affected me physically, mentally and spiritually, everything seemed strange and I thought I would not adjust to the new atmosphere. The distance from home to school made me sick, the easiest means of transport which was the bicycle also made me sick, and on top of that I couldn’t find a place of worship, we moved to different churches but we didn’t feel at home, me and ma sweet bros Ocom Chris, Ojilong Mark, until we were introduced to Pearl Haven, the first time I visited the church I didn’t like the structure, I mean it was ma first time to see a church made of papyrus commonly known as Biwempe church. In this Biwempe church I collided with love, I found brothers, I met sisters, I got New parents Pastor Wilberforce Okumu and Pastor Okumu sarah, I got an opportunity to be part of this wonderful family, we carried out different activities, Youth Ablaze, Easter Convention, school ministry and many others. I thank God coz He brought me closer to people who showered us with love, the likes of Owere Billypaul, Osan Abraham, Wamala Isaac, Raymond Mengezi, Pastor Patrick. MAY GOD BLESS U BIG


The year was 2006,December to be precise. I was this teen fed up of going to church coz apparently, my family was torn apart as to which church to attend and ended up settling for an Anglican cathedral. Strolling towards the stadium I meet my former skinny classmate turned gorgeous babe- Tukei Cathy.(Ahemmm). Where was I ….n way, she asks where I go to church n later encourages me to go to Pearl Haven.
Meanwhile, four years before, my family had gone to attend a conference at Pearl Haven and planned to buy supper on the way home. As mum was lost in spirit shandering, her purse was stolen n trust me, we had one of the longest yawniest nights. Now that had stuck in my head. So Cathy’s suggestion sent my mind to that night but…..I obliged made it a point to hold my pockets tight when I went. It turned out the best decision I ever made as I joined a family that built a lot in me. I joined the youth and later music ministries which helped groom my PR skills. I also met a group of guys that thought at the same crazy wavelength as I did in James Strong, Abraham, Etty Yang n more. I learnt the difference between salvation and religion n to this day…….Thanks Cathy, I knew u first as the girl who challenged me to first place in class( n kinda dint like u for that) but then u became my usher to the Haven(won’t ever stop liking u for that) UG LARRY


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