Ukombozi Gospel Mission UGM-Gulu Mission Report.


Our mandate as Living Water Ministries Uganda is to preach the gospel to the nations following River Nile Northwards. This year, we had the great privilege to preach the gospel to Gulu Municipality in Northern Uganda.  Gulu is found in North of Uganda, an area which was heavily affected by more than two decades of insurgency. The prolonged insurgency had a drastic negative effect on the people politically, economically and also spiritually. A lot of the people lived in fear and were exposed to witchcraft, immorality and idolatry.

We worked with more than 50 pastors and leaders in Gulu town. The whole mission was going to last for three weeks and hosting more than 100 missioners.

The ministry activities that took place include;

  1. Door to Door evangelism (Layibi, Bardege, Pece, Raro Divisions)
  2. Mini-crusades
  3. School ministry
  4. Hospital Ministry
  5. Prison Ministry
  6. Sports Camp
  7. Believers’ Conference (at Faith Centre Cathedral)
  8. Main crusade (at Kaunda Grounds)
  9. Baptism
  10. Discipleship Classes.

By the end of the mission, more than 5,200 people welcomed Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and more than 180 got baptized by immersion. We carried out discipleship classes in every place where we preached the gospel to give new believers basic knowledge to the new life they had started.

We were able to accomplish this because of the great team of ministers that God joined to us from partner churches and ministries in Mbale, Kampala, Soroti, Lira, Gulu and USA. These ministers included senior pastors, associate pastors, counselors, ushers, choir, interpreters, drivers, and technicians.

After the mission, Living Water Ministries sent a small team to Gulu for a follow up mission. They delivered the decision cards containing the information and data specifics for each individual that made a decision to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior assigned to the nearest registered Church, discipleship material and also made sure that they called and talked/visited or invited one or two new believers to each Church. This kick started the follow up work by the respective pastors. During that visit, testimonies of new believers coming to Church were got and even those testimonies of miracles and healings were documented.

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