What started out as a laughable over stretched dream is becoming a reality! Glory to God!
Imagine a place where upto 2000 people are gathered to worship the Lord in one place in Mbale of all places!
This beautifully designed structure is set to be a majestic land mark in the city of Mbale and the only one of its kind east of the Nile. When complete, Pearl Haven Christian Center building will not only serve our congregation but will hold the head offices of Living Water Ministries Uganda and also serve as a conference facility for the region.
The work is a faith venture only  possible because of obedience to the commanding voice “Go build Me Pearl Haven in Mbale”, and the faithful and sacrificial giving of our congregation and friends. It has been one miracle provision upon another as God’s people have donated to help us have this building.
Since 2004 we have been building; stopping for very extended period to raise money; then call back the builders. However, in the last 2 years we have progressed faster as the momentum of giving has risen. More money has come in the last two years than before. As hoped by the grace of God and the generosity of church members, friends and partners we were able to roof this complex in 2016. Now focus has shifted to the final stages of completing this building which is going to be a very costly venture in which we are inviting you, all our friends, family, supporters and partners to stand with us financially yet again and in prayer as we are on a race to open this building officially mid-2018.
To help us complete Pearl Haven Christian Center complex please contact our offices at the indicated addresses.  If in the United States of America you can donate to us through our USA partners by clicking here

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