My Story



They say am all loving all kind all smiles all those NYC things….hihihi blowing my own trumpet right yeah
Well well well I met this one kind of love at pearl haven 22 years ago that overwhelms and overflows that I just can’t hold back
You noe love cannot abide where God is not …..there is God in pearl haven that I will always use every single opportunity I get to experience
I am confident dat I belong to a family a beautiful family at dat..
@Pearl Haven Christian Centre
Waiting for yours….





They say facts regarding what’s been; history, are only true depending on who is narrating. But yet this story is one that well proven and one well attested too…coz the pearl haven family is just that amazing.

Joined at a very tender age over 20 years back…the pioneering Sunday school we were. You see FOUNDATION is a fundamental concept of life be it in the physical or spiritual aspects of life. For whatever foundation a man lays determines the structure he aspires to erect. And ao there we were…with the #gem her self like somebody already referred : Teacher Beatrice . Embroidering the very basics of salvation on our tender hearts minds and spirits…a very clean canvas we were …for you to paint as you wished…thanx for being a great steward of our mind …for what you painted is what has kept us …..
I cant count the number of times I’ve strayed off …yet then that Sunday school rhyme plays in my mind..” Thy word have I need in my heart that I may not sin against thee..that I may not sin that I may nit sin thy word have I heed in my heart”
Then do I find my way back…coz what was planted in me as a kid…is printed on my spirit I cant depart from it.

And the people….doesn’t matter how long your gone…you can always know you got a family back home the next time you turn up. One that’s gonna counsel you in truth and love you as much. A pastor that’s been gifted with integrity truthfulness and love. I mean any day any tym I’d stand and say that’s my pastor and everybody would approve coz he is one tangible testimony.

And pastor Sarah….wow. Funny when everybody else proclaims how tough she is…I’ve never felt as confident and loved talking to anybody at church I do with her. She’s a mother beyond all that will go a mile with you untill shez certain your at your best.