Pearl Haven




“…so he bringeth them unto their desired haven …that they may prepare a city for habitation.”

Pearl Haven Church, located in Mbale town, is a non-denominational church where the lordship of Jesus Christ is sacred and liberty in the Holy Spirit is a privilege for everyone, and all are welcome.
It is the home of Living Water Ministries Uganda and has become home to many that seek help from the Lord

Back Ground

Wilberforce Okumu gave his life to the Lord in April 1988 after a visitation from the Lord and immediately turn into an apprentice minister under his first pastor
As a young evangelist, one winter night early in 1993 while on a visit to England, he heard an audible voice say to him ‘Go and build Me Pearl Haven in Mbale’. His vision at that time was to pursue the call of God on his life to take the gospel to the nations, tribes, and tongues living along the River Nile which has its source in Uganda.
On returning to Uganda, Wilberforce and Sarah moved to plant this Church. Pearl Haven is to be the main resource center for the mission work. As by its name, Pearl Haven is becoming a place of safety, healing, and restoration.
Many people have walked into the church and had their lives changed forever. Pearl Haven is impacting and affecting the society here and beyond.
We have made it our goal to bring everyone to the saving and liberating knowledge of Jesus Christ and to help Christians attain the destiny set for them by God.
We welcome you to join us physically or otherwise to glorify God together as we minister His love and power in this hurting world.

Pearl Haven is a cell-based Church where a lot of the activities are run through small groups. We seek to extend pastoral care through the cell groups to where the people are. Every cell group is part of a larger area we call a zone overseen by a Zonal Pastor.

Zonal Pastors: Eunice Muyama Nasiru – Town Zonal; Myres & Julian Agaba – Doko zone; Nicholas & Esther Kasadha – Namatala zone; Patrick & Winnie Agura – Indian Quarters zone; David & Betty Wamimbi – Maluku zone.