Emma and Esther Tushabe

Pastors Emma and Esther Tushabe head and lead the Youth Ministry. They are happily married and have three children, Joshua,Mercy and Manzi.

About Emma

Pr Emma Tushabe  was born in 1979, is a graduate of Makerere university, multi talented and As well studies Mechanical Engineering and Business. Together with his wife Esther, they both gave their lives to Christ at an early age. They got married in 2006.

Pr. Emma’s walk to salvation began with the preaching from his mother, who was already born again. He joined Kansanga Miracle Centre, in Kampala. At Miracle Center he was part of the worship team, and after attending the discipleship class went on to became a trainer of trainers in the discipleship school. He spent most of his time teaching new believers, a virtue that he later introduced in PHCC which he joined in 1995. He was ordained minister while still in Kansanga Miracle Centre.

At Pearl Haven, he volunteered in the youth ministry, and as an active committed member of the youth fellowship, Emma was chosen to head the ministry. He was finally ordained a pastor at PHCC in 2015.

Pr Emma’s life has been riddled with challenges. He grew up herding cattle in the village, but after finishing school moved to Kampala in search of a job with a passion to become an accountant. Life in Kampala was rosy for him either: he had no place to stay and ended up sleeping on someone’s couch. However, his faith and trust in God did not waiver. His first job was in a supermarket but he soon lost it because it consistently conflicted with his passion for God and ministry. Emma later got a better job witb a prominent coffee company where he has worked for the last 13 years! Today, Emma testifies that firing him from his previous job was the work of God so He could lead him through a new door, and more so, in the field he always dreamt of- Business. Today he is a Branch Manager of the same company.

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