David Wamimbi

David Wamimbi

David is married to Betty Achala, a lawyer by profession, and they have a son, Phineas Ayeta Wamimbi. Attended Manna Bible Institute - Nairobi Kenya acquiring a diploma in Bible Theology (2011). David and Betty are both passionate ministers of the gospel.

About Pastor David

Born in Bumutsopa village, Sironko distirct in 1982, David gave his life to Christ in 2003. His friends had always persuaded him to commit to Christ but he did not pay head. One day he was invited to attend a Christian conference in Mbale town, he rode on a bicycle from his village to the conference venue, with the hope of returning back to the village that evening after the conference however, on realizing that his bicycle had be stolen by an unknown person, he resolved to stay at the conference for the night, and it during the evening fellowship that David gave his life to Jesus Christ.

On revealing the good news to his parents, his father asked him to choose between God and Him, David chose to follow Jesus Christ! This earned him an eviction from home and with nowhere to go, the Holy Spirit led David to Pearl Haven. He slept on benches in church and in day he served in cleaning around the church (2003 – 2007).

Early Life in Christ

Life was challenging and he had now here to God, filled with bitterness, He made a decision to pray for the grace to forgive his father and this prompted him to write a letter to his father saying he had felt rejected but that he had forgiven him for all the wrongs he had done to him, this letter caused his father to look for him and the two had a heart to heart talk and rekindled their father-son relationship.

Having found a 'home' at Pearl Haven, David started by cleaning the church and its surroundings, he then joined the ushering team and later the worship team as he continued serving God. He helped in initiating Christian fellowships in some of the schools in Mbale area. Having grown through the ranks, he is now the missions coordinator. He has a vision of leading vibrant team, zealous and selfless.