THE Pearl Haven Man

At Pearl Haven, Christian Center like anywhere else in the world we do not have super men, perfect men, men who have it all gured out but in faith ventured to engage the Men at whatever point they are at in life. So, for us it seemed neces- sary to be more relational, seeking to engage Men beyond the mountain-top, big event oriented meetings, revivals and pursue the creation of a Christian disciplining culture among men in our community.

e goal was to create a space where men can build solid relationships and make vital connections for personal, spiritual and professional development through our weekly men alters. Yes, we call them alters and yes we pray and study the word togeth- er but we also talk about football, cars, buying land, getting married, cooking for your wife among other things.

This happens in the different city zones where men from a particular Zone of the town meet
at one of the Men’s home every Monday evening to have this time of fellowship. We also have one joint Men’s alter that gath- ers all the men from all of the zones once a month and a Prayer Breakfast Quarterly to celebrate together what God is doing in our midst and at the same time, we look ahead to what He is yet to do.

It is through small group experience in the zones that we establish mentorship and accountability partnerships. We believe that the intimacy of the small group setting is key to strengthening and building relationships with God.

Our Approach is 3D that is: Discovery, Development and Deployment.


Through the weekly, monthly and quarterly fellowships, we encourage all men to grow into a more intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. As Men discover their identity in Christ, and reflect Christ in the areas of their lives that they need to change for the better, this then makes them more effective in the ministry for expansion of God’s Kingdom.


We also focus on the holistic development of the men with a bias on servant leadership at home, work, church and in their communities. Mentorship is the main focus for us as well and we continue to do it at a more interpersonal level in the zones not as an assignment but a commitment to faithfully disciple one another in the various disciplines of life that a man ought to get mastery over.


Finally we seek out to meaning- fully engage the Men, we encourage them to join active service in leadership even main stream church leadership roles as well.


In our tradition, a man was one who was circumcised and tough –circumcision being the test proving that one had passed on from being a ‘boy’ to becoming a ‘man’.
Growing up as a young man in my community leisure activities were mostly enjoyed by the men usually a er their eld work in the evenings. is was predominantly community fellowships at local brew canters where they drank alcohol and danced to old folk African secular music. e “real” man returned home mostly because they needed to retire to bed.

At the start of my adulthood, I gave my life to Christ and gradually be- gan to observe how most men in church fellowships regarded women. e di erence was noticeable.
In 2015, I joined Pearl Haven and here I found among other great min- istry departments, the men’s ministry. I was rst invited to the zonal meeting near where I live with my family –it was the rst time I found men meeting without –alcohol, talking about God! Continually as we met, sometimes with pastors, my perspective of a “real man” completely changed.

I now know that a real man is actually one who is submitted to Christ (submissive) and stands in his community, in his house as a place of a steward of that which has been entrusted to him by God. is includes His wife, His Children, His Job and in that place He ought to be faithful. I continually generate very valuable support and healthy company from the men’s fellowship.

e fellowships being cross cutting and all-inclusive in nature, there is great edification from all direction that every male in Pearl Haven should belong to one in his zone.—by Gibu Gerald