Women Of Virture

‘Woman of Virtue,’ is the code name for the women’s ministry at Pearl Haven Christian Center which started 14 years ago. When the ministry began, we were girls just passing time at church but then Pastors Sarah and Eunice who were then leading this ministry engaged us. At the start, we faced a number of challenges ranging from being unskilled, unequipped to being inexperienced with no clue on what to do let alone how to do it. We picked up well only four years later both in the number of women involved and the spread of our outreach impact.

The ministry was founded on Proverbs 31:10-31, the story of the Virtuous Woman and its where we derived the name for the women’s ministry. Win e take our que from verse 30 and 31 “Charm is deceitful and beauty is passing, But a woman who fears the LORD, she shall be praised. Give her of the fruit of her hands, and let her own works praise her in the gates.”


We are deliberate about helping women to grow within and without the church through consistent fellowship and training on various aspects of life that affect women and families. Our pursuit therefore is to see the birth of a royal and priestly sisterhood, fully equipped to impact their world with godly virtues through meaningful engagement and with the ultimate aim of bringing about both physical and spiritual transformation of their communities to the glory of God.

How We DO this:

Women’s Fellowship

Arising from our shared persuasion that we can only give out to others that which we ourselves have got, our fellowships are an avenue in which women pray together, praise and worship God. We also have more open yet intimate talks with each other. is as we have strongly noticed over the years has provided knowledge, equipped and mentored many women in many areas of their lives. Many women have testified that these fellowships have most importantly given them a more personal encounter with God. We have also seen the emergence of several women who are now able to teach the word of God to others both in house and when we reach out to other churches and fellowships. rough these fellowships many women have been encouraged to join active ministry in the church we have had many, join the choir, ushering and now a one Jenifer .M is being trained to be an interpreter from English to Luganda in Church services. We hold these fellowships every Friday from 5pm to 6pm.

Faith Clinic’s:

Also as a Women’s ministry we organize and run Faith Clinic’s. If you Faith Clinics is one of our periodic out- reach activities to single, married, widowed and elderly women, teen-age girls and single mothers within se- lected communities and churches. It is a full day’s set of activities that include; open one to one sharing of issues of life, counseling, prayer for various needs, and joint fellowship. rough these activities, we seek to point all these categories of women and girls to God as their source. at it is by Faith that we access all things that God by His divine power has given to us that pertain to life and Godliness. ese include healing, provision, deliverance, restoration and salvation. We also use these clinics to share a few gi s that we usually carry along with us. ese items include food, clothing and shoes. To date, we have successfully held over 10 im- pactful Faith clinics in Sironko, Butaleja, Balumbuli, Kapchorwa, Manafwa,, Pallisa, Mbale, Kaliro, Dokolo and Lira Districts. We have also held some clinics in Busia and Kitale Districts of the Republic of Kenya.

Annual Women’s Confrence:

We run an annual Women’s conference in the Month of October. It brings together women from all the areas we have run our faith clinics and women from the surrounding areas and Churches. We have seen lives transformed, marriages have been restored, people have been delivered and many have come to know Jesus as their lord and savior.


“When I joined ‘Woman of Virtue’ I had just gotten married, I was one of those women who would quarrel all the I mean if anything went wrong trust me all hell would break loose, yet I was born again. It had never dawned on me the secret behind being a true woman of virtue.

Despite being a mother of 2, I have learned to balance my time and still be able to minister in church and on the mission eld. rough ‘Woman of Virtue’ ministry, I have gained the confidence to speak to people even to crowds, to preach and encourage somebody. Most importantly however is learning to be a representative of Christ, an example that my children can learn from and my Husband is both proud of and feels blessed to have as a companion in life.” Testimony by Mrs Wakoli